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Burger King pioneers mobile payments for QSR biz – 07/23/2012

Last month, Burger King made a smart move when it launched a mobile payments pilot program that let consumers pay for their meals using their mobile device.
The fast food giant partnered with Firethorn Mobile Inc. on the mobile initiative.

The pilot is taking place in approximately 50 Burger King restaurants in Salt Lake City and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Via the BK Mobile Crown Card, consumers can pay for their purchases using an Android or iOS-based device by scanning a QR code placed on counters or drive-up windows of participating Burger King restaurants.

Burger King’s newest effort is proof that mobile payments are gaining momentum.

Although the technology is still new, it will make a big impact for both marketers and consumers...“An app that has online checkout an be an effective way for quick serve restaurants to tap into the power of mobile,” said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales, Boston.

“Because the mobile functionality resides on the consumer’s device, consumers can return again and again and will likely begin to trust the system with their credit card information, after they see how it works,” he said.

“QSRs live and die by a core customer base of loyal patrons that favor their fast food restaurants over others. Because the product is universal across locations, this creates a perfect storm for mobile commerce. In most cases a mobile app should follow a mobile site.”….

The BK® Mobile Crown Card allows consumers to pay for their purchase by using an iOS- or Android-based phone to scan a QR tag placed on counters or drive up windows of participating BURGER KING® restaurants…“At Burger King Corp., we are focused on delivering an excellent restaurant experience for our guests, which includes optimizing our point of sale technology and providing quick and easy payment options,” said Kelly Maddern, chief information officer, Burger King Corp. “The BK® Mobile Crown Card is the perfect fit for our technology and quality-conscious consumers who lead mobile lifestyles, and we are excited about putting this functionality into their hands, getting their feedback and building from there.”

The BK® Mobile Crown Card application, which is aptly named BK®, is powered by Firethorn Mobile payments service and can be found in the App StoreSM and Google Play. The BK® Mobile Crown Card is a First Data Universal Commerce integrated application and leverages the payment processor’s secure prepaid technology.

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Date of Publication: 07/23/2012
Source: Mobile Commerce Daily
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